About us

jocilma“Jocilma – Indústria de Móveis, Lda.” has been constituted in 1991, her head Office is in Corregais, Lordelo, and develops her activity on design and fabric of classic furniture, her major client is the biggest worldwide network of this kind of furniture.

Through the years, she suffered some modifications mostly increases of capital. In 2004, a transformation occurred and actually she presents herself as a public limited company.

Jocilma tries to present in the market innovators products of high quality. For that, she has an Investigation and Development Cabinet, whom works together with the major client of the society, and where is realized all the conception and development of her furniture.

She produces furniture in wood and wood-based veneer. Her principal furniture is bedrooms, living and dining rooms, desks and various others furniture.

Quite 90% of the production is intended for exportation, more specifically for quite 50 countries both inside and outside EU.

Since 2010, Jocilma is certified in accordance with three standards:

  • Quality – ISO 9001;
  • Environment– ISO 14001;
  • Health and Safety  – OHSAS 18001;



Impress our clients,

Offer solutions and innovations in furniture,

Produce with high available technology and with high efficiency,

Ensure the success of the partners,

Create value for the shareholders,

Provide and keep a safe and healthy environment in the work place,

Ensure an update and compliance of legal requirements and other requirements applying and relevant to the Environment, Health and Safety;




  • We do what we say;
  • Should be reflected to the client.


  • Know how to listen and be patient;
  • Assume the mistakes;
  • Avoid internal disagreements;
  • Be educated.

Skill and rigor

  • Reliable information to the client and taking care of the image;
  • Solve “today”;
  • Ask who knows;
  • Responsibility – consciousness about limitations of individual actions;

Continuous protection improvement of Environment, Safety and Health

  • Improvement of work place;
  • Prevention of work-related diseases;
  • Accident prevention;
  • Prevention of the Pollution;
  • Optimization of waste management;






Develop a range and efficiency of Jocilma, requiring attention to the following vectors:


Evaluate carefully the current context;


Replace solventborne to water-borne products;


Optimization of product processes in order to increase their efficiency;


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